10 Types of Ecommerce Business Model That Work In 2021

In this article we will be having a look at 10 Types of Ecommerce business model that work in 2021. So lets get started.

Ecommerce enterprise fashions of all sorts are thriving. Sales from on line shops are predicted to lengthen 385% this decade.

It’s convenient to urge trapped and excited inside the brand new ecommerce trends, however except you understand the basics, you’ll hit a profitability wall barring understanding it.

A booming ecommerce business model takes intuition, know-how of your market, a strong commercial enterprise plan, and cautious lookup into merchandise and commercial enterprise models.

But one amongst the most vital hurdles most beginners to the house face is easy to unravel.

Many would-be ecommerce commercial enterprise proprietors simply don’t capabilities ecommerce agencies are observed out and what differing kinds of ecommerce are handy to them.

If you would like to ease into an ecommerce business models, I’d advise you commence a hybrid ecommerce, affiliate store. More thereon later.

You’ll obtained to familiarize your self with every kind of commercial enterprise mannequin earlier than you start your ecommerce business:

Major Ecommerce Business Classifications

  • B2B: Business to Business Ecommerce
  • B2c: Business to Consumer Ecommerce
  • C2C Ecommerce
  • C2B: Consumer to Business Ecommerce
  • Government / Public Administration Ecommerce

Types of Ecommerce Business Revenue Models

  • Drop Shipping
  • Wholesaling and Warehousing
  • Private Labeling and Manufacturing
  • White Labeling
  • Subscription

What Model Fits Your Idea Best?

You’ll additionally bought to discover an ecommerce platform that fits your desired enterprise model’s needs. throughout this post, I’ll stroll you through the jargon.

Major Ecommerce Business Classifications

Electronic commerce encompasses all on-line marketplaces that join consumers and sellers. the internet is employed to manner all digital transactions.

The first issue to accept as true with is that the type of enterprise transaction you’re going for. as soon as you accept as true with the enterprise you would like to run, who does one see your self promoting to? Is your enterprise B2B, B2C, C2C, or C2B?

Do you have a idea for a type of ecommerce commercial enterprise that you’ve been brooding about for a while? Do these acronyms make your head spin? Let’s take a look at the primary frequent methods on-line transactions occur.

B2B: Business To Business Ecommerce

A B2B mannequin focuses on imparting merchandise from one enterprise to a different.

While many agencies throughout this area of interest are carrier providers, you’ll discover software program companies, furnishings and furnish companies, report internet hosting companies, and quite a number different ecommerce enterprise fashions underneath this heading.


B2B ecommerce examples you will be conversant in encompass the ExxonMobil Corporation and consequently the Chevron Corporation, Boeing, and Archer Daniel Midlands.

These groups have custom, organisation ecommerce systems that employment immediately with different organizations all through a closed environment. A B2B ecommerce enterprise commonly requires greater startup cash.

B2c: Business to Consumer Ecommerce

The B2C zone is what most of the human beings reflect onconsideration on as soon as they think about an ecommerce business. this is frequently the deepest market, and plenty of of the names you’ll see right here are recognized portions offline, too.


B2c ecommerce income are the ordinary retail model, the place a enterprise sells to individuals, however commercial enterprise is carried out on-line as in opposition to for the duration of a bodily store.

Examples of B2C groups are everywhere. Exclusively on line shops consist of,, Wish, and ModCloth, however different fundamental B2C mannequin brick-and-mortar corporations like Staples, Wal-Mart, Target, REI, and Gap.

C2C Ecommerce business model structure

B2B and B2C are pretty intuitive standards for many folks, however the idea of C2C is different. What does a consumer-to-consumer ecommerce enterprise seem like?


Created with the aid of the make bigger of the ecommerce quarter and developing customer self assurance in on line business, these ecommerce web sites permit clients to trade, buy, and promote objects in alternate for alittle fee paid to the location.

Opening a C2C website online takes cautious planning. Despite the obvious success of systems like eBay and Craigslist, several different public sale and categorized web sites (the predominant arenas for C2C) have opened and shortly closed thanks to unsustainable models.

C2B: Consumer to Business Ecommerce

C2B is every other mannequin most of the human beings don’t at once consider, however it is developing in prevalence. This on-line commerce enterprise is when the consumer sells items or offerings to businesses, and is roughly like a sole proprietorship serving a higher business.


Reverse auctions, carrier provision websites like UpWork, and a variety of different frequent weblog monetization techniques like affiliate advertising or Google AdSense additionally fall into this heading.

Government / Public Administration Ecommerce

The fashions listed above are the first ecommerce retail structures, however they aren’t the sole ones. Other sorts contain government/public administration conducting transactions with organizations or consumers.

B2G (also referred to as B2A), for companies whose sole purchasers are governments or kind of public administration. One instance is Synergetics Inc. in Ft. Collins, Colorado, which gives contractors and offerings for country agencies.

C2G (also known as C2A): commonly people paying the govt for taxes or lessons to universities.

Two sectors that are closed for entrepreneur proprietors however are developing encompass G2B for kingdom income to private businesses, and G2C, for kingdom income to the normal public.

Types Of Ecommerce Business Revenue Models

The subsequent most essential aspect to trust is how you would like to manage stock administration and sourcing products.

Some human beings simply like the concept of growing their very own merchandise et al. hate the idea of their storage crammed with boxes.

Drop Shipping

The simplest kind of ecommerce, drop transport permits you to observed out a storefront and take the customers’ cash thru savings playing cards or PayPal. The the rest is up to your supplier.

This frees you from managing inventory, warehousing stock, or managing packaging, however there’s a serious caveat.


If your agents are slow, product great is much less than expected, or there are troubles with the order, it’s on your head (and in your reviews). Wacky Hippo is an instance of an web site the usage of drop shipping.

I wouldnt base my commercial enterprise on dropshipping – and that i definitely be given as actual with this text.

If you are bent on dropshipping – print on demand is that the thanks to go.

Many dropshippers use Shopify and Oberlo. Its rapid and inexpensive to line up. a sought after mannequin is to line up a speedy save and pressure site visitors with Facebook Ads.

Margins are skinny and if you will squeeze out some income here, extra energy to you. I’m preserving off on drop transport for now, however you may make cash with it.

Wholesaling and Warehousing

Wholesaling and warehousing ecommerce corporations require lots of funding at the commencing – you would like to control stock and stock, hold music of patron orders and transport information, and make investments inside the warehouse area itself.


DollarDays is a net wholesaler with a big product catalog that has pretty 260,000 products.

They appoint a key method for outlets for the duration of this area – by way of presenting case expenditures AND piece prices, they will promote to the usual public and to retailers. this presents them a better margin of income than a strictly wholesale model.

Solutions for Wholesalers

Wholesale corporations are all about volume. You’ll bought to push merchandise bent Ebay, Amazon, Google, etc.

BigCommerce consists of all this in their Basic design for $29 month. No tinkering needed. If you’ve got obtained dev skills, you may use X-Cart

Private Labeling and Manufacturing

If you’ve received a thinking for the proper product, however don’t have the money or want to create your personal factory, this should be the applicable enterprise mannequin for you.

Companies that manufacture merchandise offsite purchasable ship the plans or prototypes to a gotten smaller producer who produces the merchandise to fulfill patron specs and may also both ship on to the buyer, to a third birthday party like Amazon, or to the company promoting the closing product.

On-demand manufacturing lets in you to rapidly trade suppliers if you come upon issues with product quality.

The startup expenses are minimal, and if you’re curious about doubtlessly opening your very own manufacturing amenities later, this is frequently an straightforward thanks to take a look at a alternative product or concept.

White Labeling

White labeling is analogous. you choose a product it truly is already correctly offered through every other company, however presents white label options, diagram your package deal and label, and promote the merchandise.

This is regularly frequent inside the splendor and wellbeing industries, however more difficult to come upon in different niches.


One hassle with white labeling is demand. You’re cursed with some thing you order, and most of these agencies set a minimal manufacturing quantity. If you can’t promote it, you’ll want to receive it.

Consider this function when you’re inclined to determine full time on your enterprise and recognize your product is in demand.

Solutions for Brands

If you’ve got bought your very own line of branded merchandise and desire to urge traction, BigCommerce can also be a true desire to start. Their pricing mannequin can get high priced as soon as you begin to shape sizable income ($150K+ per year).


One of the fundamental famous and profitable pure ecommerce manufacturers is that the Dollar Shave Club. Other samples of subscription offerings encompass Stitch Fix, Blue Apron, and Nature Box. On the neighborhood level, community-supported agriculture containers are popular.


These groups accept as true with a subscription mannequin that promises clients a field of merchandise at regular, scheduled intervals.

Subscription organizations have especially dependable earnings streams and may additionally without problems incentivize clients to get extra subscriptions or inspire their contacts to subscribe.

Picking the suited merchandise and niches are frequently difficult. Successful subscription containers have a tendency to fall beneath alittle few product categories: fitness and grooming, beauty, fashion, and food. Outside of these areas, few subscription agencies thrive.

Recurring Online Billing Software

I love the concept of a subscription based totally e-commerce model. Both Shopify and BigCommerce want additional, paid apps for subscription primarily based ecommerce. So you’ll want some thing like WooCommerce Subscriptions (WordPress) or X-Cart to take care of this.

What Model Fits Your Idea Best?

Now that you honestly recognize what ecommerce commercial enterprise models, product options, platforms, and commercial enterprise classifications exist, you’re in a position to start. Take a look at your commercial enterprise plan.

No count number what eCommerce business model you select, possibility is that you are getting to want backyard funding at some factor so as to scale your business.

Funding options like Payability pay attention on eCommerce groups and provide each accelerated each day payouts when marketplaces pay on phrases and capital advances supported future eCommerce sales.

If you found this textual content beneficial based totally on ecommerce business model, please affords hit share. And if you want to start your own multivendor platform then click- How to create a Multivendor Marketplace in wordpress.

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