In this article we will looking at ePDF plugin for elementor in WordPress

As we all know that the world is transforming, everyone shifting to online business and wants to earn money online.  If you are one of them, then I think to know that building a website is a big part of it and if we talk about building a website, WordPress and Elementor are the words which come first in our mind.

If you understand what is WordPress and its use, then you must know about Plugins. If you don’t, then the question arises why you are on this page, I think you want to know about this ePDF plugin for elementor, and then just read on.

If you understand about WordPress, and the use of plugins and the Elementor, and the use of its addons, then just read the section of “About PDF Creator Addon”. If you are unaware of these then also don’t worry below, I try to describe Elementor, WordPress, Plugins, in brief words.

What is a WordPress

WordPress is a place where you can make your desire website without a single word of code. It is a very and open-source content management system (CMS).

This is a place where you can connect your domain and hosting or server and add your content.  The content in word press website is a store, manage and placed on google through this content management system of word press.

What is Plugin

Plugins are just like the architecture of a WordPress website, this is similar to applications in mobile. There are lots of plugins in WordPress. This is like apps which help you to make your website more attractive, more users friendly, and some plugins are most important to rank, SEO, marketing, business, style, website speed, content management, etc.

What is an Elementor?

Elementor is a page builder plugin. This is a very famous plugin which you can add to your WordPress website and make a page on your website which is more attractive than the page builds through basic WordPress editor.

What are Addons

Addons are a huge collection of new widgets, templates, blocks, functionality, and many more. Addons are the part of the plugin which helps you to make your Elementor designed plugin more attractive. Below we describe one of the important Elementor addon plugins like “ePDF plugin for elementor a Pdf Creator addon.

If you are using elementor, then trust me after reading the importance of this addon plugin this comes in your important list. But you are not using and just come with curiosity then first start using WordPress, Elementor, and some basic Plugins.

About PDF Creator Addon.

This is a product created by Codexinfra which provide services to build your digital world and empower your business with help of this outstanding tool. Before you read further give an answer to a very simple question.

Do you have good content for your customer or users? If your answer is yes then only read further because ePDF for elementor is a plugin which helps your viewers to download PDF of that content with the help of this plugin and read whenever they want.

As I stated above this is one of the important add-ons in any elementor used a website that runs on WordPress. But, this is also one truth that everything is not good and not the need of everyone. So, it is necessary to understand the purpose we use this addon.

But, first, make it clear where you can use this addon and what is the primary need to use this ePDF plugin for elementor. If you want to use PDF Creator Addon, then make it clear that this is a Plugin and you can use Plugin only on the WordPress website.

As this is an elementor addon then this plugin is only used when you are using WordPress and elementor plugin in that WordPress website.

Why You Should use ePDF Plugin for elementor Addon

If you have good content for your customer or your users, then they can download a PDF of that content with the help of this plugin and they able to read your content whenever they want.

In most simple word you can say that this is a plugin which primary purpose is to help your readers. If you want to give something to your customer to download then this is a very important plugin which makes your work easy and after a simple drag and drop you can set a process through which your reader or users can download your information and use it whenever they want.

Core Features of PDF Creator Addon – Free

All the features which you read below are just like a pro of this plugin, but you will surprise by know that the features given below are only for free users.

All the features given below you can get without paying a single penny.

  • You can change the header as you wish and also upload your logo in the PDF which made.
  • You can add your own custom Footer as you wish in the PDF which made.
  • The Owner of the website can add WaterMark to make PDF is more attractive and professional.
  • Admin can choose which type of post and which page of the website can add as a PDF.
  •      The Owner can choose what will be the name of the file when it downloads in the user’s storage.
  • You can add and remove the page numbering system if you want.
  • You can customize the PDF download button by adding a logo and also choose your desire position to make it more attractive.

Pro Features of PDF Creator Addon

This is a pro feature that you can only use when you pay a little amount. If you want to know about the price then just read below.

  • Custom Author Name – You can add the author name in the Meta Description of PDF.
  • Custom Creator Name – You can add creator and writer name which you see in Meta Description of PDF.
  • Custom Keywords – If you want to rank your PDF or content then I think you understand the use of Keywords. So, if you want to add keywords in the Meta Description of PDF then you have to pay.
  • Password Protect – You can add a password for both admin and user or specific types of user.

When to use Free – All the features you get in the free version is best when you have a proper amount of traffic and want to use this PDF with all types of traffic.

When to use Paid – If you want to share your PDF with only a specific type of user, want to protect your user from others, want to change the author name and creator name and want to add some keywords in Meta Description of PDF then you must have to pay for that.

How to Use This PDF Creator Addon

If you want to learn how to use this plugin then just read the steps carefully which give below. 

Step 1 – Install this plugin from the plugin section of your WordPress dashboard. 

Step 2 – After install, you see one menu is added in your sidebar menu of WordPress dashboard with the name of “WP e-PDF Lite Setting”. 

Step 3 – Click on that “WP e-PDF Lite Setting”, and you able to see the main setting section of this plugin, from where you can control this plugin. 

Step 4 – Visit the Basic section of that setting and allow which type of post you want to generate PDF. 

Step 5 – After allowing post type you are able to see the PDF button in the basic setting of the elementor. 

Step 6 – Visit your Elementor section where you are editing your page and you see the PDF button in that elementor sidebar section.

Final Words

If you reach this section then I think you understand all the importance of this plugin and I think you understand this is important for you or not. Before ending this article in short I want to say that this is a tool that helps your business to grow digitally, no matter you are selling a product online or blogging about anything.

Must Remember in business it is important to make a relationship with your viewers or users, if you are doing your business online then it is important to make a relation in a digital way.

One of the oldest and best methods to make a relationship is giving and if you have a website then try to give something valuable to your users which they can use whenever they want and keep you remember.

This plugin is non-thing but just a starting point of your business that helps you to make a relationship with your user. So, according to your need choose the paid and unpaid version of this plugin and inform us about this in the comment section.

If you still have some questions regarding this article or plugin, then also comment with us.    

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