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ePdf – Support Elements Pdf Creator Addon For Elementor permits the users to get static look of Blogs, Product, Post, Page and many more made by Elementor Page Bulider.

Developed with a variation of distinguished property,this plugin is helpful for blog readers or end users.This helpful integrated and inclusive plugin fullfill all requirement which is helpful for your Website, Changeable Layout with executive look.

It is a very helpful plugin which can be useful for those who are looking for this type of plugin that can help to download your creative blogs, posts in just a click.

Are You Finding For WP Pdf Creator Addon For Elementor?
You have good content for your customers/users?

If yes,then they can download PDF of that content with the help of this plugin and this is helpful for your customers/users to read it later whenever they want to read without browsing again and again.

Why Choose ePdf – Support Elements Pdf Creator Addon For Elementor?

There are several plugins are available plugin in the market which works with Elementor Pdf Builder

but give not Compatiablity like our plugin give, means that our pluginSupport approaxall elements of Elementor,

Rows and Columns and give the same layout of Pages, Blogs, Posts and Products which you make through the Elementor.

For example-
If you Drag the Section with Column 5 and place the Elements in these Section and after that you see

the Downloaded Pdf Elements is Scattered and not give the same Layout.

So, our plugin gives the Functionality or Compatiablity for Supporting approax all Elements Layout, Rows and Columns.

This plugin provides you many features which are listed below:

Elementor Pdf Builder Elements:

Almost all Elements of Elementor are Supported like- Portfolio, Product, Cart etc. approax in expect form.

Row and Column Layout:

Row and Column layout will be supported in Created Pdf.

Pdf Footer

You can Change the Footer as you wish like you will write custom html for footer and also remove page numbering.

Pdf Header:

You can Change the header too as you wish such as you can upload logo even you will write custom html for header.

Post Type Limitation:

You can Choose on which type of post you want to generate pdf.

Page Setting:

You can choose which setting like- Post date, Post tags, Featured image etc. you don’t want to show in pdf of the current page.

Custom CSS:

Almost all Css Supported.You can add Custom Css to Pdf data.

Pdf Download Button:

You can Change the Pdf Download Button by adding logo of pdf and select position where to display the pdf button through Elementor.

Pdf WaterMark:

You can add Watermark to form Pdf more attractive and delightful.

Our Provided Settings:

There are our plugin options are provided for changing the Layout of Pdf according to your need.

Basic Setting:

In this setting Basic feature of Pdf are available for Customization of Pdf like-Remove header title, Display Post Date, Display Post Tags etc.

Advance Setting:
This setting provide the feature like you can change the Language Direction Rtl or Ltr,

Set Background Color, Make Pdf password protected and Set the Background Image for Generated Pdf.

Header Setting:

There are setting available for Header Customization of Pdf like you can Customize the Header through WP Editor, Remove Header,Set Header Font Size etc.

Footer Setting:

This Setting is used for Footer Customization of pdf like you can customize the Header through WP Editor and set the Footer Font Size,Remove Footer etc.

CSS Setting:

In this Setting you can add your own Custom Css and also change the Pdf Page Size and Orientation of Pdf.

Body Setting:

This setting is used for Pdf Body like you can set the Body Font Size, Body Top Margin, Body Left Margin etc.

Watermark Setting:

Here you can add the Watermark Image or Watermark Text and Customize according to your need like change the Font-Family, Text/Image Transparency etc.

Support Elements of Elementor:

There are Supported Elements Of Elementor Page Builder of Our plugin. These elements gives the approax same layout in Generated Pdf.

Basic Widget:
  • Customize Heading Element.
  • Image Element supported.
  • You can Customize Divider Element.
  • Button Element is customizable.
Pro Widget:
  • Posts Element are supported.
  • Support Portfolio element.
  • Gallery Element are supported.
  • Support Sides Element.
  • Price list element are supported.
  • Support Price Table element.
  • Flip box element are supported.
  • Support Call to action element.
  • Media Carousel element are supported.
  • Support Testimonial Element.
  • Review Element are supported.
  • Support Countdown element.
  • Share Button element are supported.
  • Support Blockquote element.
General Widget:
  • Support Image Box Element.
  • Icon Box element are supported.
  • Support Star rating element.
  • Image carousel element are supported.
  • Support Basic gallery element.
  • Icon list element are supported.
  • Support Counter element.
  • Progress Bar element are supported.
  • Support Testimonial element.
  • Tabs element are supported.
  • Support Accordian element.
  • Toggle element are supported.
  • Support Social icons element.
  • Alert element are supported.
Site Widget:
  • Site logo element are supported.
  • Support Site map element.
  • Menu cart element are supported.
  • Single Widget:
  • Support Author box element.
  • Post navigation element are supported.
  • Support Post info element.
WooCommerce Widget:
  • Products element are supported.
  • Support Product Category element.
  • Add to cart element are supported.
WordPress Widget:
  • Support Pages Element.
  • Calendar Element are supported.
  • Support Gallery Element.
  • Recent Posts Element are supported.
  • Support Cart element.
  • Products Element are supported.
  • Support Recent Viewed Products.
  • Product by rating element are supported.
  • Support Recent Product Reviews.
Steps for Generating Pdf:
  • First install our plugin.
  • After activation of our plugin you can see the Pdf Download Button in Basic Widget of Elementor.
  • Now go to Basic Setting tab under Wp Elementor Pdf Setting menu, then choose or checked which type of Post you generate the pdf.
  • Now Save all the settings.
Essential System Requirements:
  • PHP version 5.5.5 or greater.
  • Elementor with Elementor Pro.
  • WordPress 4.0 or greater.
Translation Ready:

.pot file included, for easy translation.

Thankyou for showing your interest in ePdf – Support Elements Pdf Creator Addon For Elementor, Codex Infra.
Changelog Version 1.0.0 – Initial Release

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