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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

The server requirement for bAZAAR is PHP 5.6 or higher and MySQL 5.6 or higher. You can start with shared hosting. Depending on your traffic and content, you can upgrade your hosting later.

bAZAAR is not compatible with WordPress multisite system but if you want to use it on a single subdomain of your multi-site installation then it can be possible. That means you can activate the plugin only on one subsite. Multiple sub sites are not supported.

No, there is no limit on anything. Both the free and paid version has unlimited vendor, product, categories and tags feature.

Our plugin just passes the data from frontend to WooCommerce. The earning and sales reports are generated on demand. So the traffic handling does not depend on bAZAAR. It depends on the infrastructure you have and the level of your resource optimization

Yes, you can use any WooCommerce compatible payment gateway with bAZAAR. But the offline payment collection requires some off the system communication and collaboration. Please consult your business planning executive for more information to proceed forward.

Currently, Dokan is using its own shipping method. WooCommerce shipping functionality is not integrated on the front end.

This is a common warning if you have re-installed the plugin. No need worry, just create a support ticket then our team will reset the activation for you. Also, we always suggest not to activate the key if your site is not live yet.

Yes, you can set withdraw threshold in bAZAAR. If you set 10 days then the vendor would not be able to send any withdrawal request before 10 days after completing an order.

Yes, you can set commission for each product category.

bAZAAR has an option to change the product status to pending review, if he re-edit any product.

This issue is really common for few third party themes. No need to worry. You can get the fix from our support staff.

Yes, the admin can create tax class from the backend and vendor will be able to use the class for their product. Please read this documentation.

You can use most of the WooCommerce compatible non-adaptive gateway with bAZAAR.

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