Below you can find five most insightful blogs on Android app development:

1. Android Developers Blog 

It comes as no surprise that Google powers one of the best blogs on Android app development. There you can find the latest news on the operating system, its updates, and other useful tips and tricks. The contributors to the blog are Google professionals with hands-on experience in Android app development. With such an insightful source at hand, you will definitely find what you are looking for. 

Readers: Android developers

Twitter: 2.01+ million followers

Youtube: 800K+ subscribers

2. Android Authority

Android Authority has everything you need to know about Android apps, games, phones, laptops, or tablets. The blog provides you with detailed reviews on the latest Android updates, its features, development issues, and the best Android apps to install on your phone. Moreover, the resource acquaints you with comparison charts of Android devices so that you can make the best choice. Android Authority is a perfect app development blog for both new and experienced developers.

Readers: general audience, Android developers

Facebook: 2.3+ million followers

Twitter: 1.01+ million followers

Youtube: 3.36+ million subscribers

Instagram: 796K+ followers

3. ProAndroidDev

Published on Medium,  ProAndroidDev has a lot of Google and Android contributors, who share their insights into the best tricks and tips of mobile development. Visit the blog to find out everything you want to know about the;in 30 minutes, best usage of Kotlin for Android development, and many other tech-related how-to topics.

Readers: Android developers

Twitter: 4K+ followers

Facebook: 60K+ followers

4. Android Weekly

It is a real “gold mine” for Android developers and designers, who want to stay updated on all the latest trends. Android Weekly provides news, tips, and how-to tutorials on creating savvy apps. You can also find there code snippets from GitHub and other useful tricks that are updated on a weekly basis. 

Readers: Android developers and designers

Twitter:15K+ followers

Facebook: 4.4K+ followers

5. Fragmented

You can read articles on app development blogs and also listen to Android podcasts. Fragmented thoroughly covers tech-related topics targeted at diverse audience. Both beginners and proficient developers will find useful information applicable to projects of different complexity.