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First, you’ll want to see if the emails are being correctly generated and sent. You can do this by installing a plugin like [WP Mail Logging](https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-mail-logging/), and placing a test order.

If the emails are being generated, there’s a good chance that the site’s server is blocking them from being sent. In this case, you’ll want to look into a dedicated SMTP provider.

If the emails aren’t being generated, most likely, something is conflicting with WooCommerce. This document goes over how to check for conflicts.

There are a few common causes of this problem.

Common Solutions for WooCommerce Email Notification Problems

  1. Check WooCommerce email settings
  2. Check if your emails are going to Spam
  3. Use an email with a different domain as your recipient
  4. Use an SMTP plugin

WooCommerce email settings
When troubleshooting WooCommerce email settings, the two main settings you need to check are “Email sender options” and “Individual notification emails.”

From your WordPress backend, go to WooCommerce > Settings. Click on the “Emails” tab. Scroll down to see “Email Sender Options.” Here, make sure the “From name” and “From address” are properly set up.

From name. This is used to specify the name you want people to see when they receive your email. When setting up the from name, do not use special characters such as “@/.&-”. Only use letters like “CLEANCODED” or a person’s name. If you use something like name@BusinessName, this could be a reason why your emails are not sending. For the From address, check to see that your sender email address is entered correctly. If there are errors, make corrections. Finally, scroll down and click Save Changes.

Individual notification emails
Next, make sure your notification emails are set up correctly.

The list of all notification emails can be seen in your emails tab. Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Email. Click on the email you are having problems with.

Check to see if the email is enabled. If it’s not, enable it. Next, check that the recipient email address is entered correctly.

Check if your emails are going to Spam
Your WooCommerce email notifications may not be getting into inboxes because they are going to Spam. If that’s the case, it is probably because your host IP address is blacklisted (from spamming by other users on the same IP). To resolve this, you would need to contact your web host, explain the problem to them and see if they can help identify the issue and fix it for you.

If your host cannot resolve the issue, and you do not want to move to another host, you will need to install an SMTP plugin.

Use an email with a different domain as your recipient
In some cases, your notifications issue may only be one sided (your customers are getting notifications for their orders as expected, but you are not getting notifications). This happens sometimes when the sender and recipient email addresses have the same domain (you@yourdomain.com sending emails to name@yourdomain.com). The easiest solution for this is to use an email with a different domain as your recipient email.

To update this, go to WooCommerce > Settings and click the “Emails” tab. Select the email notification you are trying to fix. Change the recipient email address to another on a different domain. For the example above, you could update to you@gmail.com. Scroll down and click Save Changes. See if that notification works now.

Use an SMTP Plugin
If you have tried the steps above and still have issues with WooCommerce email notifications, there is probably a problem with the email server on your host. The best solution in this case would be to use an SMTP plugin.

WooCommerce sends emails with the wp_mail() WordPress function. WordPress in turn calls on PHP to send the email, and PHP calls on the server at your host. If you install an SMTP plugin, the request will no longer go to your host email server which is causing your notification errors, but will go to your SMTP plugin and added to a queue to be sent out.

Step 1. Drill down to New Order Email settings

First of all, let’s go to my WooCommerce plugin –> settings. You can also the images here for step by step walk-through.

Now in the settings, let’s go ahead and choose emails. Now you will see a table of email.

To customize the New Order email settings, head over to New Order and click on the title or you can also click the gear icon at the right end of each field.

Either method should work though.

Step 2. Check the WooCommerce Email sender options settings

Before I do anything, I want to make sure I typed in my From name field probably my company name and my company email id in From address field.

I already had this all set up as shown in the image here.

However, you can, of course, put your From address and make sure the From address is set to your name or whatever your email address is.

Also, you want to check the domain here in From email address and see if it matches with your company name. It is recommended by WooCommerce. I don’t really think it is required.

Step 3. Look out for commas or periods and delete them

Fix 1: You may want to make sure there is no commas or periods in any of these From name or From address fields. If you had, WooCommerce email notifications will not work.

I hope that’s the problem you have. Because in most cases, that would be the problem.

If it looks fine and dandy, continue and head on to the next section here.