In this article we will be showing you how to setup woocommerce in wordpress. Might be you have an online store or you are suffering from the complication in woocommerce.

Woocommerce is like an application, featured for Websites, which helps you to make your store more attractive and user friendly.

Today everyone wants to earn money online and making stores excites the most to the audiences. So thats why setup woocommerce is mandatory. Woocommerce is the Website as well as a plugin which helps you to make your online store user friendly with free of cost.

Setup Woocommerce for different types of websites  in woocommerce, you get the facility of the payment system, attractive store, product add, catalogue, and some services according to your country.

Before we start any types of discussion on woo-commerce, it is essential to understand which kind of store you want to run. That means, if you have a Shopify store then this is useless for you because, in Shopify and any other Websites, you get all features from that Website.

If you are using another type of Website which is programmable, you program or code your whole Website then you can very quickly get this feature from the official Website of woo-commerce.

Yes, if you doing setup woocommerce from scratch by coding then visit www.woocommerce.com/start to get the primary site in place. When you visit the above link, then you head to the official Website of woo commerce, and there you get a feature to add to your online store.

If you have a self-hosted WordPress website, then you can get this woocommerce feature in your plugin section which is situated on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

In the plugin section, you can download the woo commerce plugin and activate that plugin.

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How to setup woocommerce

After every new setup or activation, you get a setup wizard that asks some questions like a currency you use in your business, the product you sell might be digitally or physically, its depends on you. 

Must answer all the questions of setup wizard correctly and get started working as per direction which you get from woo commerce.

Payment Section 

When you come to the payment section, then remember this is one of the essential parts of your online store. The main reason why we start our online business to earn money. So it is essential to set payment gateway safely and securely for any online store. 

So, in the payment section you get an option of the strip, PayPal, Paytm, (according to your country), then you get a chance of bank transfer, check, and in the section of offline payment, you get the option of cash on delivery (COD).

If you want to set some other payment gateway for your customer, then don’t worry you can add any additional payment gateway later. When you complete your setup wizard and the payment gateway section, then it is the time for shipping options.

Shipping Section 

In this section, you may have asked some questions like weight and dimensions of the product, the shipping cost, which estimates according to you. 

If you are from the US or Canada, then there is good news for you, and that woocommerce support flat rate shipping and you also get free shipping service when you visit – https://woocommerce.com/products/shipping/.

If you are from any other country then no problem either you do not get this option, or if you get then, you get the skip button.

Remember if you are from any other country except Canada and America then woo-commerce charges money for your product shipping to your customer’s door, and the shipping charge of the product according to you.

After completing this section, you reach a section of woo commerce named extras. This is a section that tells you how you can make your online store work simpler. In this section, you get a list of some to commend plugins, and those plugins make your work easy.

All the plugins are free to use so you can add those extensions and plugins without any hesitation.

You can also choose the woo-commerce default theme, which is recommended for storefront (free). Once you complete all the work from the setup wizard, you finally head to your online store, which is ready for your customers.

But, before leaving it must visit the setting section of woo-commerce. Review all your pieces of information if any information is not given then you can add it right now.

Make sure SKU is created for all the products you want to sell, must make SKU of each product if your inventory is small then also making an SKU of each product helps you a lot to manage inventory and most of your online store work complete.

SKUs of products must be added in the Product Data area of any WooCommerce product page. Woo-commerce page and WordPress page. If you want to write something about your product which makes your customers more interested in your product.

Then please tell me where you visit to add your words for your product. If your answer is a page section from the dashboard, that is if you write anything about your products on the WordPress page, then your customers are not able to see it.

To write something interesting about your product you must visit the add new product section of the woo-commerce plugin. In this section, you must write something exciting and attractive which you want to say to your customers when they directly visit you for that product.

So, make it clear in the online store, and when you are using the woo commerce plugin, then the WordPress page is not more critical. The main page for you is woo commerce pages.

All the sections given in woo commerce are straightforward to understand and you are easily able to add any extra feature through woo-commerce.

But, it doesn’t mean the WordPress page in the online store Website is a waste. If you want to get traffic from Google and want to do SEO of your Website then adding some pages is very important.

According to Google pages like terms and conditions, disclaimer, about us, privacy policy, are one of the most important pages for SEO. To make these pages, the WordPress page section is essential. Join the woo commerce community. 

This is a helpful section for all people who download this plugin. If you read all the points which I discussed, then I think you understand the importance of woo-commerce.

When you think all the features given in the dashboard section of woo commerce are not enough for you, then you can go through the paid version or pro version of woo-commerce.

But, must join the woo commerce community which assists like any other online help group can help you to learn more about this tool and many more tools like this which may help you in your online store.

Final words

If you are reading this section, then you are one of those Lucy readers who learn a lot more about woo-commerce.

But, remember this is just a starting chapter for your online store business, there are lots of tools which you need to make your online store a rocket of a market. Before we end this article, I want to summarize all the above points.

  • If you are using Shopify and any other platform, then this tool is not for you.
  • If you are using a website that runs on coding and programming, then you have to visit the official Website of woo-commerce to use this tool.
  • If you are using a self-hosted WordPress site, then you need to download the woo-commerce plugin.

When you get woo commerce.

  • You have to fill all the information which is asked in the setup wizard; you get questions like – country name, the currency you use, shipping charge, many more.
  • Then you need to set up your payment section – you get a popular application feature according to your country and bank transfer, COD, and you also add any other payment gateway.
  • Shipping section, it is only free if you are from America or Canada.
  • Extra section, this plugin tells you to install some extensions and plugins which make your work easy.

When everything is done, then you can join the woo commerce community to learn more about the online store, and you can solve any problem with the help of this community.

I hope this article and all information are helpful for you. If it does then do follow us on social media pages.

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