The term is trendy “dropshipping” everyone is talking about it. But, What is dropshipping and how it works.Here are we talking about what is dropshipping, how to earn money from dropshipping, is this process needs investment, and how much time does it take to get a good result.

All your questions regarding dropshipping are going to be solved in this article, just read patiently.

First, make it clear in your mind what is the actual purpose behind this earning process.

If you want fast money, then this process is not for you. In fact, in this world, you get no way to make money fast.

 You want to earn money from drop shipping then first practice “patience”. Now, what you need to start this business? This business takes a product, so try to choose the product which fascinates you and you enjoy selling that product.

As Bill Gates says, the best way to enjoy life is to start enjoying your work. Before we talk like this, it is vital to understand what, when, and how, of this business step by step, which is discussed below.

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What is dropshipping ?

Dropshipping is an online earning process, in this process, you have to sell the product of any company in your online store, and for that, you get your set profit.

This is not like Amazon seller work.

Listen, in dropshipping you need to make a store, and you add products in your store which you get from any website, and when any customer buys that product, then you get profit. This means, when you add products to your store then you can set any price of that product and when that product sells then the product provider company delivers that product and takes their money, and all the extra money is your profit.

What is the advantage of dropshipping ?

If you think this is similar to amazon seller work, then you are wrong. If you think this is similar to sell your products on your online store, then also you are wrong. When you open an online store, then everything is managed by you, but in this store, every backend of your store is governed by the company.

 When you open an Amazon seller account and sell products on Amazon, then you have to manage delivery, but in this process, you are free from that. In dropshipping, you get stores from companies like Shopify and many more.

Below we talk about Shopify.

You get products from another company, and you can set your selling price to manage your profit and delivery is also operated by them. So, if you want to earn money online, then dropshipping is one of the best processes.

Does dropshipping need investment ?

This question had two answers one is yes, and the second is no. Please don’t be confused. If you want to make your store on Shopify which gives you full professional and best user-friendly pages, then Shopify charges a little amount per month.

 But, if you don’t have money. Some websites other than Shopify are also available, which gives you an online store for dropshipping without any penny.

But, their look may affect you. If you can find a website which gives you an excellent user-friendly layout for dropshipping in free of cost, then you can use that.

The layout of your online store depends on the look, and if you get your desire, look from a free service provider, then it is best for you. The only investment you have to give is for marketing. As it is clear from the definition that the profit of drop shipping only depends on sales.

If you want the right amount of sales from your online dropshipping store, then it is crucial to be popular among your customers. So, you have to find a place where you get your desire or actual customers online.

As this process is online, you have to think online, which means make it clear where you get your customers on the online platform.

On every online platform, there is an option of marketing, so you have to choose a marketing option or marketing campaign option on different online platforms like – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, e.t.c. Don’t worry, and today marketing is not much costly.

You can start your marketing campaign at a meagre price which you can afford by students. You can also do your marketing free of cost with your Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram page, and many social media platforms where you can arrange a group of people who love to see your store and visit there to find products.

Do you get a good result on time?

If you see this dropshipping process, then you can understand that this is a business, and like every other business, this also takes time.

When visitors from your free Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram page, and any other process come and buy any product from your store, then you start getting profit.

If your marketing works in the right way, it is up to you to make a fair amount of money. So, it is clear that for making money in less time you need quality customers or quality traffic to your store. If all your questions are straightforward, then we can start another section of this article.

 As this article is based on how to start a dropshipping business, then it is not completed by just discussing some queries.

Below you get a step by step process about how to start a dropshipping store. But, before you read the below section make it clear in your mind that if you have a fair amount of followers or peoples on different social media platforms and they are ready to visit your store as an ideal customer, then your investment reduces heavily.

But it is recommended that to choose the investment process, means invest a little amount in the marketing of your store then you get the right amount of sell.

How to start dropshipping stores – step by step

how-to-start -dropshipping-store

Learn how to start a dropshipping business, and if you are a beginner, then you even choose Shopify as well. In Shopify, you have to pay $29 per month as a basic plan where you can add one staff member. If you choose other plans, then the number of staff can increase, in the ultimate goal you are able to share your store excess to 30 teams or peoples.

This means you can share this store backend with more people who help you to manage your store, I.e., staff. When sales start at your store then only you get money.

Oberlo and Aliexpress are websites which can give products in stock to add-in online stores, and when products sell, then they deliver that product on time.

How to add products to the dropshipping store. This is one of the elementary processes and one of the essential methods for any online store, and as we know, dropshipping is a type of online store.

Here we talk about adding a product from Oberlo, and you follow the step for other also… We talk about Oberlo because this feature is already available in Shopify.

In the product section, you get the additional product option where you get lots of opportunity for different purposes which make Shopify easy to use.

In Shopify visit the product section, choose the option of more options, and then you get the option of “find more product to sell” select that option.

When you choose that option, you visit the Oberlo section where you need to select the product and then add your desire to price all the information about the price is given above.

When you add your desired price then select the add product option which is available below that product. Now, when you visit the homepage of your website or store, you see the products which you choose.

The same process is followed when you try to add the products from Aliexpress or any other. But, it is recommended to choose Oberlo and Aliexpress for adding or selling products on your dropshipping store.

Last words

If you are reading this section of the article, it means you read the whole article carefully. Above we discuss all the queries related to dropshipping and try to give you an answer to every question.

If you read the whole article, now you think all the queries related to drop shipping are precise then you are ready to start your business. There is Shopify which is a website that makes your dropshipping work more comfortable by providing lots of features.

Note – if you are not ready to pay any per month for this business then you can try some other websites like Shopify which gives you a dropshipping store free of cost.

Before start doing drop shipping businesses, search all different types of queries and do proper internet research.

If you still have some queries related to drop shipping, then please comment us in the comment box, and we try to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

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