To Start an online store does sounds very interesting and adventurous. You don’t need to pay rent of the office, not any other expenses as well. The first thing that comes to our mind is the freedom that only you can achieve through your business—no worries of inventories and labor wages.

But I want aware you of the truth of Online Business. Nowadays, it is not so simple; things are getting very competitive and challenging. In this article, I am going to share with you how to start an online store successfully.

First lets make it clear in mind that this is a business, so you need to be very serious about your store. 

A question might arise in your mind – why you want to start an online store. Before starting a business online, the main reason behind starting a business is to make lots of money and work very little.

Today, competition is very high, so it will not be easy for you to have the correct information about your business. So, you have to understand your audience’s need that no other marketer is fulfilling and then help them get their desire product.

You need to find out the complication of your customer that can be solved through your product. Remember, if you can solve any burning problem of the market, you can start your online business.

But wait…what if you have failed to solve the burning problem of the market?

Don’t worry.

If you cannot solve any burning problem, that doesn’t mean you cannot start your online store. The only problem which you face is competition. When you solve any problem and help your customer, your competition automatically reduces to zero or low.

But if you start copying your competitors and avoid your audience’s need and desire, you will not stay long in the market. If you think starting an online business is very easy and if you feel when you come all your problem is solved and lakhs of money are just waiting for you, you are also wrong.

Yes! Earning money online is a tough process, but it takes a lot of research. There are some points which you must take in your mind before starting your online store. Below you get a list of points about which you must research any action.

  • Select your product which you want to sell – when you are on the way to choosing a product, then select the products which are high in demand but low in competition.
  • Do marketing research – before starting any business; it is essential to do proper research. In this research, keep in mind the demand, supply, and competition in your product.

I think all the above two points are clear in your mind and you are ready. Ways to sell products online. There are lots of ways to sell products online.


Many people have a Facebook page and group, and they have a perfect amount of followers and list down the products on their page, and when anyone buys those listed products, they get good money.


Some people have a fair amount of followers on Instagram. They give previews of their products on their Instagram account and paste a link of buy-in bio, and followers will buy them according to their need, and the owner can make a fair amount of money.

 If you have a fair number of followers on any social media platform, you can list some products and earn a fair amount of money.


Making a website and selling a product is very professional and high in demand. But if you are searching to make a website and earn some money, then read this article.

Types of online store

There are lots of online stores you can see around the internet nowadays. Some of them are given below.

  1. Hosted – If you want to start a business online and this is your new work, this is the recommended place. If you don’t have pre-registered customers and are very new in your market, this is very cheap and the best way to start a store. To start an online store, you need a hosting server and a WordPress Website where you set up your store. Making a WordPress Website is very easy, and you can learn it in a few minutes from YouTube. To set up your store in a straightforward way, you get lots of plugins like Woo-commerce, making all work very easy.
  2. License – this is another one of the most popular ways to start your online store. This is a speedy method because all the work like payment set up, Website set up has already been ready for in this platform. They charge some small amount per month, and then they set up a store with all types of facilities, and you can start your work.
  3. Open-sourced store – This is a store you can start by making a website, setting up a payment method, and including terms and conditions. In this method, you program every page of the Website, and of course, for this, you have to hire someone, which may become costly. So, the best way to start your first online store and product selling business is through WordPress. Which only cost you for hosting and according to your needs. But if you have pre-registered customers and are in a hurry, you can try Shopify, ecwid, and other stores.

Start building your store

These are the first steps toward an online store. Now, your online store building depends on the types of solutions you try to provide to your customer.

When you set up a store on WordPress, you need some plugins like – woo commerce and some plugins, which are part of woo-commerce. WordPress is straightforward; it does not take any time. If you set up your store, then I think you understand the use of the store.

If you choose any other way to set up your online store, it is essential to learn the use and process that help you control your online store’s back end.When you build your store must keep in mind some crucial pages like – privacy policy, disclaimer, terms, and conditions, about us, contact us, category, content, and more.

All the pages written above are the most important pages of any website, according to Google.


Pick up a perfect domain name. A domain name is not only for making your brand. It is imperative if you start your online store because, as we all know that SEO is vital to rank in Google, and Google ranking is the best and free way to get quality traffic.

 So, if your Website has a good on-page SEO, then your Website will rank easily and get the right amount of traffic. According to one study, a domain name affect 18% of on-page SEO, and the right domain name also sets a recall value in mind.

Get paid for your product. As well known that we are starting a business for making money and we get money from sells of products. It is vital to set a good payment gateway to get your payment on time with ease. If you are using a hosting Website means WordPress online store, then you get woo commerce.

But if you are using all open source Websites and program each part, you have to do payment gateway and code very wisely.  For the latest payment gateways, today are UPI, Google pays, phone pay, pay pal system to spend money, but if the Website accepts debit cards for payment, then it makes your online store more professional.

They are marketing a store

When you do your research correctly.

You have to choose your product wisely.

You build your Website or online store attractive from any of the options.

Then you set the payment option and make it professional.

Then you complete with all things; now it is time to know how to market your product or online store. If everything is correct, it is imperative to choose marketing because marketing plays a significant role in attracting customers.

So, make it clear how you are going to attract your customers.

 You can market your store in some ways are – 

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • By creating funnels.
  • By social media marketing.
  • By Google Ads

All the above processes are uncovered, so you have to determine which type of market will work for you. If you know less about the market, then you can learn it through udemy or youtube, whatever platform you are comfortable with.


If you reach this section, then I hope you have read and all points very clearly. Always remember the online store is like a business that gives you more and more revenue than your offline work, but this online work also takes their time and work effort before giving you accurate results.

If you get all the answers and if this article is worth your time, please comment us. And also if you are just starting an online store then please read our multivendor related article.

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