Want to learn to make your own WordPress blog, so lets get started.

Beginning to start a new online business is very enthusiastic and amazing. But most of people don’t do what they have to do to start a new business.

Most of people think starting a business takes a lot of money coming out of your pocket and lots of time. But that’s not true. Starting an online store is not as expensive as you think. 

In this post, we are going to teach you how you can start your own blog and make money like others.

In this article, I will help to Learn to make your own wordpress blog with Low Budget. This method is very easy and You can make Your Own Blog Very Easily.
We are Going to Make a Blog Step By Step. So Let Me Show you What We will Cover In this Blog Post Tutorial. First  I will Walk You Through the Process of Registering your Domain name with Godaddy. Our Second Step is about How to Buy Hosting. Now the main Step is How to connect Domain with Hosting. Now our Fourth Process is How To Setup Our WordPress Blog.

How to Book Your Domain To Make a WordPress Blog?

A domain name is the Identity of your Blog. A domain name is That People Type in the Search box and get Your Website. 

 This is like a domain name. First We have to Buy a domain name. To buy a domain name we have to go on Godaddy. Godaddy is a Domain name Registrar Where you can Register a Domain name. 

How to choose the Best Domain name to Make a WordPress Blog?

You can choose your domain name By your business name. If you are not making your Blog on business so you can choose a domain name that includes your main keyword. Like if you are making a Blog on Baby as you like.

It also includes your target keyword this is known as EMD Domain.  There are many domain TLDs like .com , .in , .net . You can choose any TLD that you wish to choose. Now the Last Step is to Buy the Domain. 

How to Setup Hosting for Making WordPress Blog?

So Guys Then Our next Step is to Setup Hosting. Before Setup Hosting we have to Buy Hosting from any Hosting Provider. Hosting and Domain are the Two Main Things for Making a Blog. We have given all Links of Hosting Provider Link and GoDaddy Link at the End Of the article. 

So Now your Question is How to Choose Best Hosting Provider Because there are millions of Hosting Providers Around the World. 

How to Choose the Best Hosting Provider For Making a WordPress Blog?

So  Our Next Question is How to choose the best Hosting Provider. So  First Step Is your Budget.

There are many Hosting Providers that Gives the Best Hosting and will Charge Very Much and On the Other Hand, There Are Some Hosting Providers that Provide good Hosting in Cheap. So the first Step is to Choose Your Budget.

Now the Second Step is to Choose For Which you are Buying Hosting for Developing 10 or More Websites, Or only for your 1 Business Website. So  My budget is 4$ Per Month and I want to Buy Hosting to Host-only my 1 Website.

 So now I have to find the best Hosting Providers that Provide the Best Hosting in 4$. Here are many Hostings That Provide us Hosting in 4$. Now I have chosen BlueHost Hosting.

Is BlueHost Hosting Good For making a WordPress blog?

So  I have chosen Good Hosting that Matches Our Budget. Now I have to See the Features and the Reviews. If This Hosting Provides Good Features and the Reviews are Best then the Hosting is Good For us. Now We See the Features Of BlueHost.

  • BlueHost is Providing us a Free Domain for 1 Year 
  • BlueHost Hosting Provider also Provides us Free SSL Certificate. 
  • It is Providing Us One Click WordPress Install. 
  • It is also Providing 24/7 Support to Us.
  • Providing Premium CloudFare CDN for Free.
  • BlueHost is Recommended Officially By WordPress.

So now we have seen all the Features. It is Providing Free domain. It is a Good Feature. Now we have no need To buy Domain, We got a domain for Free. 

The next Feature is It is providing a Free SSL Certificate For Lifetime Which will cost Around 10$ Per Year. So this is Also the best Feature For us. 

Now BlueHost is also Providing Premium CloudFare CDN For Free which Will cost Around 20$ per Month.

Main Features is BlueHost is Recommended Officially By WordPress.

Now It Meets All Needs Of me and is Providing Much More Than We Expect You can Grab this Deal By Clicking this Link. This a Limited Time Offer so Don’t do any delay to Grab this Deal. 

How to Connect Domain with Hosting For Making a WordPress Blog?

Now the Next Step is to Connect Domain with Hosting. This Step is So Important Because We don’t Proceed Next Step. Because Without Doing this if You Open Your Blog It shows Server Ip’s Address Not Found.

This error Comes because if you have not Purchased the Domain Yet or You don’t Have Updated Name servers. 

How to Find Our Hosting Name Servers?

So  What are Name Servers that We Have to update? So  All Hosting Providers have their Own Name Servers.

 We can Simply Find That Name Servers By Searching on Google. We Have To Search Name Servers of + Hosting Provider Name. So My Hosting Provider Name is BlueHost, So I Search Name Servers Of Bluehost. The Result is 

  • Ns1.bluehost.com
  • Ns2.bluehost.com 

Where To Update Name Servers?

 In the Last Step, We Have Learned How to Find Name Servers Of Our Hosting Provider. Now Our Next Step is to Update Nameservers. Now Question in Where To Update Nameservers? So, In all domain registrars, there is an Option of DNS Management.

We have to Click on That Option. After Clicking on that Option We have an Option Named Nameservers. Then We have to Click on Custom Nameservers. Now We Have to Paste Name Servers. So My Name Server is 

  •  Ns1.bluehost.com
  • Ns2.bluehost.com

So, I have to Update These Name Servers. Now I Have Updated Nameservers and Our next Step is to install WordPress.

How To Install WordPress On Your Site?

Now We Have Bought BlueHost Hosting and Updated Name Server So What is the Next Step? Now first We have to Login into Our Cpanel Of Our Hosting. In Cpanel, We have an Option named Softaculous App Installer. We have to Click On that Option. After clicking You have many Apps Like WordPress. Now Simply You have to click on WordPress and a new Window Opens in that Window you have to Set a Password and a Username. Now click the On Install Button. Now we have made Our WordPress website. 


So Friends After Reading This Article You got So Much Value That You Can Make your Own WordPress Blog in Under 15 min. Instead of Making a Blog, you got many more things To learn Like What is Name Servers and Many More things. In this Article, We Have given you a Bonus. We have told you that Which Hosting is best also For Beginner and Pro. So if You find this Article Use Not forget to share it on your Social Handles and Follow Our Blog for This type of amazing Tutorials.

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