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            WooCommerce Affiliate Manager Prime is the Modern and Most Powerful innovation of CodexInfra Team. Using this plugin you can boost your WooCommerce store. We have provided advance features that will be increase your selling. Plugin functionalities are simple that hence you and your Affiliates can easily operate dashboard. This plugin is more convenient plugins then other Affiliates plugins.


Working Scenario 



Key Features

1. Multi Level Marketing Commission:

    This plugin have an amazing feature in which Admin can create multiple levels and can set different types of commissions according to levels. Every commission type have an priority section that helps to manage commission distribution among all the Affiliates. All the representatives will make commission on their sales as well as the sales of people they recruit.

How to Create MLM Level: 

2. Social Media Link Sharing:

    An Affiliate can generate promo link of Product page, Home page and Shop Page and can share promo links on various popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn  & Email. It will me more helpful for Affiliates. Affiliate can also copy that promo links.

3. Sign Up Bonus:

    Admin can set a bonus for the Affiliate initially at the time of registration. It will boost the moral of the Affiliate
and make the unbreakable bonding.



4. Paypal & Stripe Withdraw Method:

    Admin can transfer withdraw request amount using Paypal & Stripe. Because these are a best, secure and easy payment method. Admin just need to fill all the Paypal/Stripe details, and then after Paypal/Stripe method are enable for Affiliates. By selecting enabled Withdraw method Affiliate can raise withdraw request. 

Paypal Credential settings:


Stripe Credential settings:

5. Dynamic Commission Rule:

     Dynamic Commission Integration (Flat, Percentage or Combined) is available. All commission are described with their type and by priority levels. Commission types are Flat, Percentage and Combined commission. Admin can set commission for an individual Affiliate and commission for whole Affiliates.


6. Affiliate Verification:

   If any user wants to become an Affiliate then they have to raise request to Admin. After request if Admin approve that request then Affiliate can Login as an Affiliate. Admin also have right to Approve, Reject and Delete that raised request. Admin also can send Reject message to user. Rejection message is optional if Admin not set Reject Message then By Default Message will be send(This message admin can set in settings section).

8. Separate Dashboard for Affiliates:

    An Affiliate have an Material Bootstrap Designed Dashboard. Simple and Beautiful UI design.


9. Analytical Representation:

    All the different assets like Sales, Commission, Total Sale, Earnings, Registered Affiliate data are re-presentable here in Graphical and  Analytical. Admin can view Year wise, Month wise, Date wise analytics.


10. Withdraw Limits:

    Admin can set withdraw limit. If any Affiliate wants to raised withdraw request then they have to sufficient amount in their Wallet.


11. Social Media Login:

    Any user can login as an Affiliate by using Google, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Admin needs to fill all the Social Media credential. After Admin filing all details social media login icon will be appear downside of Login form

12. Sale Commission Approval :

    Admin can set sale commission Approval on (Pending payment, Order Processing, Completed, Manual)
Sale commission Approval can be set by the Admin like Pending Payment, Order Processing, Completed & Manually. If admin set Sale commission by Manual. Then admin have to approve all sale commission. Then after commission amout will be transfer in the wallet of Affiliate. 


12. Rewards for Affiliates:

Affiliates will get Rewards based on Level’s Terms and conditions. Rewards are based on Sale and Visits.  These Rewards terms and condition will set by Admin.

13. Generate Promo Links:

    All Affiliates have functionality to generate their Product page link , Home page link, Store page links for their stores, by which it will be easier to sell or promote their Products.

14. Unlimited Affiliate Creation:

    Admin can create unlimited Affiliates, after registration request of any Affiliate. Admin can also creates any Affiliates directly.

15. WPML Integration:

    The key feature is this plugin is available in multiple languages, so anyone from any region can operate it.

16. Affiliate wise, Product wise, Category Wise Commission:

    Admin can set Affiliate wise, Product wise, category wise commission. By default priority of Commission is Affiliate wise > Product wise  > Category wise > Comman Commission.

Product Wise Commission:

Category wise Commission:

Comman Commission:


17. Set Link expiry Time:

    Affiliates can generate promo links of Products and Home page for their store, but they can’t set expiry time, in this situation
Admin have full control to fix a expiry time that’s generated by Affiliates.


18. Reject, Disable & Ban Affiliate with Reason:

    All the Affiliation request must be need to Approval, Rejection and Deletion that will accomplish by Admin. Admin have the rights or access to disable or ban any Affiliate with a proper reason. If reason is not mentioned by the Admin then default message (setting available in setting section) will be send to Affiliate if default message is set then system generated message will be shown. Admin can set custom reason for Disabling or Banning an Affiliate, if Admin will not provide the reason predefined reason will be shown. Disabled Affiliate will be enabled by Admin manually Once an Affiliate got disabled can also be enabled manually by the Admin.

Default Message for Affiliates: 


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