WordPress Pdf Creator Addon For Elementor allows the users to get the static look at Blogs, Product, Post, Page, and many more made by Elementor Page Builder. Developed with a variation of distinguished property, this plugin is helpful for blog readers or end-users.

This helpful integrated and inclusive plugin fulfill all requirement which is helpful for your Website, Changeable Layout with an executive look.

Admin can modify PDF layout in accordance with their requirements. This plugin additionally offers improved PDF view via way of means of presenting custom CSS, Change Header/Footer through WP-Editor, Watermark Image/Text, and lots of extra custom PDF settings.

Features :

Elementor Pdf Builder Elements

  • Almost all Elements of Elementor are Supported like- Portfolio, Product, Cart etc. approax in expect form.

Row and Column Layout

  • Row and Column layout will be supported in Created Pdf

Pdf Footer

  • You can Change the Footer as you wish like you will write custom HTML for the footer.

Pdf Header

  • You can change the header too as you wish such as you can upload the logo even you will write custom HTML for the header.

Post Type Limitation

  • You can choose which type of post you want to generate pdf.

Page Setting

  • You can choose which setting like- Post date, Post tags, Featured image, etc. you don’t want to show in Pdf of the current page.

Custom CSS

  • Almost all CSS Supported. You can add Custom CSS to Pdf data.

Pdf Download Button

  • You can Change the Pdf Download Button by adding the logo of the Pdf and selecting the position where to display the Pdf button-through Elementor.

Pdf WaterMark Image/Text

  • You can add WaterMark Image/Text to form Pdf more attractive and delightful.

Admin Setting :

A)Basic Setting :

Allow Post Type: For which post type you want to generate pdf.

Display Post Date: If you want to display the post date in created pdf.

Display Post Tags: For displaying the post tags in generated pdf.

Display Post Category List: It shows the category list in your created pdf.

Hide Page Title: Check it, If you want to hide the page title in pdf.

Featured Image: For showing the post featured image in generated pdf.

B)Advance Setting : 

PDF File Name: Choose filename option for your generated Pdf name.

RTL Support: If you want to right to left alignment for PDF, enable this setting.

Background Color: You can set custom background color for Your PDF.

Background Image: You can set an image for PDF background.

C)Header Setting : 

Remove Header: Check this option if you want to remove the header.

Header Html: In this option Admin can declare a custom header for created PDF, you can choose Logo/Text etc.

Header Section Font: Set custom font type for PDF header text.

Header Top Margin: Set margin for PDF header from top.

Header Section Font Size: Set custom font size for header text of PDF.

D)Footer Setting : 

Remove Footer: Check this option if you want to remove the header.

Footer Html: In this option Admin can declare a custom header for created PDF, you can choose Logo/Text etc.

Footer Top Margin: Set margin for PDF footer from the top.

Footer Section Font Size: Set custom font size for footer text of PDF.

Footer Section Font: Set custom font type for PDF footer text.

E)CSS Setting : 

Page Size: You can choose a custom page size for generated PDF.

Custom CSS: Add some custom style for PDF from here.

PDF Page Orientation: Select custom page orientation for their PDF.

F)Body Setting : 

Body Top Margin: You can set a Custom margin from the top of the main PDF body.

Body Left Margin: You can set a Custom margin from the left side for the PDF body.

Body Right Margin: Set Custom margin from the right side for PDF body.

Body Font Family: Set Custom font family for a font of PDF.

Body Font Size: You can set a Custom font size for the font of PDF.

G)WaterMark Setting : 

Enable WaterMark Text: If you want to set the text as a WaterMark.

WaterMark Font: Select custom font style for Watermark Text.

WaterMark Rotation: Describe the custom rotation for watermark from vertical.

WaterMark Text: Write text that you want to use for WaterMark.

Text Transparency: Set Custom Transparency for WaterMark Text.

Enable WaterMark Image: If you want to set the image as a WaterMark.

Image Transparency: You can set Custom Transparency for WaterMark Image.

WaterMark Image: Set Custom Image which is used for WaterMark Image.

Image Dimension: Set Dimension For Watermark Image.

Image Width: Custom width for WaterMark Image.

Image Height: Custom height for WaterMark Image.

Image Position: Custom position for WaterMark Image.

Horizontal Position: Set Custom horizontal position of WaterMark Image.

Vertical Position: Set Custom vertical position of WaterMark Image.

Public WorkFlow :

There are Pages which is made with the help of Elementor Pdf Builder.

After clicking on the downloadable button which is in the red box Pdf automatically downloads.


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Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE10, IE11, Opera, Safari


bbPress 2.5.x, BuddyPress 4.1.x, Easy Digital Downloads, Events Calendar, Events Calendar Pro, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce 3.6.x, WPML


WordPress 4.5, WordPress 4.5.1, WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.x, WordPress 4.6, WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.7.x, WordPress 4.8.x, WordPress 4.9.x, WordPress 5.0.x, WordPress 5.1.x, WordPress 5.2.x


CSS Files, JS Files, Layered PSD, PHP Files






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It is a keyword here. Theme was created to demand the smallest possible amount of efforts from the user. To install the theme or skins you only have to click one button. Elementor Page Builder is there for design customization. There are lots of pre-made items. The user doesn’t have to waste time seeking tutorials – the interface is so intuitively understandable that even a child could handle it
As it was said previously, theme is constantly updated. Developers team fix all bugs and work hard to keep it up to date. Besides that, they also add some newly designed skins and ready-made pages, expanding the capabilities available for users. A new update comes every month, so using theme you could be sure that it is the best possible solution.
To make the theme maintenance even more simple theme has an additional dashboard. It becomes available after activating the Jet ThemeCore plugin and could be found in the bottom of the WordPress dashboard. Let’s take a look at what options could you find there.


e-Pdf – Pdf Creator Addon For Elementor - e-Pdf – Pdf Creator Addon For Elementor
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