Here, we will take a look at the top 5 multivendor plugins WooCommerce which boost any marketplace.

1. Bazaar

Top Multivendor Plugin

bAZAAR — The Multi-Vendor Platform For WooCommerce has made its place in top 5 multivendor plugin which is the most astute, advance, incredible, vigorous, and cutting edge start to finish commercial center on WordPress, Powered by Woocommerce. It gives Vendors an outstanding front-end Dashboard for live reports of their items, orders, and income. Furthermore, for administrator territory, there is additionally a dazzling Dashboard which permits you to watch out for your continuous store, Which will assist you with making your commercial center like Shopify, Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay soon after a couple of snaps. 

Key Features of Bazaar:-

Light & Dark Theme Support:- 

The best way to make your plugin look awesome at different colors and schemes on a single switch.

FrontEnd Dashboard for Vendors:- 

Vendors have a separate dashboard by which it will be easy to access and modified with attractive UI (User Interface)& fully customizable.

Numerous Commission:- 

You can set multiple types of commission for different vendors on different products & categories. 

Complete View Of Orders & Sub-Orders With Functionalities:- 

Vendor, as well as Admin both, have a section of a complete view of orders & sub-orders with all the functionalities.

Data Flow With Ajax:- 

All the searching, filtration, and sorting are available with a single click without loading the page with the use of Ajax.

Single Order Multiple Vendors Management:- 

Customers can order from different stores in a single order and it will be differentiated as per vendor products.

Complete Withdraw System for Vendors:- 

Vendors have a particular section for his earning and withdrawals and he can also track it at every point.

FrontEnd Simple, Grouped & Variable Product Creation:-

 The vendor can directly create different types of products like Simple, Grouped & Variable from his/her dashboard.

Shipping & Tax Management:- 

One can set the shipping and tax values from his end for the convenience of customers.

Separate Vendor Stores:- 

Every vendor has a separate store listed on the site by which it will be easy to know the products of the particular vendors and much more details.

FrontEnd Widgets:- 

This plugin provides multiple widgets that will enhance the functionalities and much more.

Order Notification Via Email:- 

It is the feature to send the mail on every order.

Customer Section:- 

Admin has a customer section where admin can get all the customer-related detail.

Assign Products to Vendors:- 

Admin can assign different products to different vendors according to their circumstances.

Pro Features:

Extends Lite Version:- 

All the features of the lite version are carried forward and also can be modified.

Major Categories For Products:- 

We provide the top and major categories that will be predefined and the admin can create a category at any point.

Announcement Section:- 

Admin can send the announcements of everything he wants and it will be shown at the vendor end. 

Store Vendor Management Interface:- 

Admin consists of a section for vendor store modification and management in which he can modify every this and vendor also have the same feature.

Commissions, Earnings, Sales, Orders, Graphical & analytical Report:- 

The best way to represent the report is Graphical & analytical report is available for both admin and vendor.

Each & every report of all the sections:- 

All the reports are available for all the sales, orders, products, commission & much more.

Vendor Direct Sale (On Admin Pre-Approval):- 

A vendor can directly sell the products without approval if the admin will pre-define them at the beginning.

Social Media Login:- 

The major key feature is that vendors & customers can log in with your social media account.

Generate Coupons:-

 We can create a coupon for our customer satisfaction and discount purposes.

WPML Integration:-

 We welcome our foreign users with our multi-lingual feature. A plugin is fully translatable.

Create Invoice & Packaging Slip:-

 You will get the feature of creating an Invoice and Packing Slip with our plugin.

Vendor & Product Review:- 

There is a review section that is possible for both vendors and products. It will be shown after admin confirmation.

Duplicate Product For Different Vendors:- 

Different Vendors can sell the same products without any problem in selling.

Stripe Payment Connect:- 

Here you will get the support of Stripe Connect for an easy and quick transaction.

Store Support Section:- 

We provide a particular section for store support for our customer convenience.

Seller/Vendor Verification:- 

We provide the perfect verification of seller by which it will be easy to trust your seller.

CSV Export For Everything:- 

CSV export will provide all your data in CSV format for your particular use.

Ajax Live Search & Filtering:- 

Searching and filtering are possible without the page load on some clicks.

Product Inquiry:- 

Here you will get all the inquiries related to the particular product.

Geolocation & Mapping:- 

The feature of Geo-location & Mapping and mapping is possible with Google map & map-box API.

Vendor Dashboard with Live Reports:- 

The vendor’s dashboard also consists of different report sections by which it will be easy to know all the activities.

Vendor Controllable Store:- 

The whole store is controllable from the vendor end.

Processing & Accessing Data Through Ajax:- 

Each functionality is working with Ajax By which will be easy to use and great interface.

Interactive UI(user interface):- 

The best looking and interactive interface is available for both the end.

All Controls Under Admin:- 

Admin can control and everything from his end.

Separate commission for each vendor:- 

Each vendor has a separate commission for separate sales and orders.

Seller’s Store Listing:- 

All the seller’s store is listed here at a proper manner.

Single Load Multiple Action Dashboard:- 

All the different functionalities are working with ajax that will prevent reloading the page again and again.

Multiple Vendor in Order:- 

Customers can buy different products from different vendors in a single order.

Status Tracking On Available Wallet Amount(Vendor):- 

A vendor can track everything related to the wallet amount and withdrawals at every point.

Security Aspects:- 

We provide the best security aspects by which you will be safe in all manners.

Simple & Variable Product, Order Management:- 

Order management is possible for all the simple and variable products.

Google map & Mapbox API:- 

The best mapping service is here with Google map & Mapbox API.

2.   Dokan


Dokan is the best front-end multi-vendor marketplace on WordPress, powered by WooCommerce. It helps you to build your marketplace similar to Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Magento marketplaces in under 30 minutes.

Dokan is the fastest way to start eCommerce and earn through commissions with products ranging from digital, physical to variable products.

Key Features of Dokan:-

Marketplace with Independent Stores:- 

Every seller gets their store with a unique URL and branding. Beautiful storefront styles with contact details and widgets. 

Frontend Dashboard For Each Seller:- 

WordPress admin area can be accessed only by admin. Vendors manage products, order management, withdraws everything from the site frontend.

Earn From Each Sale:- 

A part of the sale value is sent to admin as commission. The commission rate can be customized.

Simple Product Management:- 

Create and manage your products from the frontend.

Vendor’s Product Management:- 

Set expiry and restrictions for coupons. The customer can leave reviews for a product/vendor they are satisfied with. A review cannot be modified by the vendor. All product reviews are managed by vendors (with admin override). View all reviews on products left by customers.

3.   YITH WooCommerce


If you are trying to make your WooCommerce website a place where you can host many vendor pages and earn commissions from their sales then YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor is the WooCommerce plugin explicitly developed to switch your WooCommerce website into a multivendor platform that will let you earn from commissions without you to lift a finger.

Moreover, a multivendor shop brings more traffic to your site and allows you to get a better engine search positioning.

A double, huge benefit from a single WooCommerce plugin. Create your WooCommerce multivendor platform and enjoy this unique WooCommerce plugin with it.

Key Feature of YITH:-

Vendor’s Section:- 

Page creation, Global commission rate setup, Sales setup.

Shop Owner’s Section:- Editable vendor information, WooCommerce Product management.

Commission Section:- 

Superadmin approves payments to his vendors according to his cooperative sale policy.

WPML Support:- 

English, Italian.

Pro- Features:

  • Order management
  • Shipping Management
  • Order refund management
  • Seller vacation module
  • Pay commissions via PayPal
  • Advanced management of WooCommerce related products
  • WooCommerce Widget “Store Location”
  • WooCommerce Widget “Store Quick Info”
  • Hide WooCommerce widget “Quick info” to unlogged users
  • Customize header of the vendor shop page
  • Manage your vendor using bulk actions
  • Register a new vendor in the front end of your WooCommerce site
  • Set maximum amount of WooCommerce products that each vendor can put on sale
  • 100% compatible with YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter
  • Each vendor can create his/her coupons
  • Shortcodes for list of vendors

4. WC Marketplace


Then WC Marketplace will turn your dreams into a reality. You will have an online eCommerce store setup, where multiple merchants, vendors, traders, or sellers can sell goods or services to customers in no time.

Key Features of WCMP:-

Product Management:- 

Automatic and Manual Approval of products, Multiple vendors can sell a single product.

Coupon Management:- 

Admin’s created coupons are applicable at the whole website, whereas Vender’s created coupons are applicable at limited sections and must be approved by admin.

Shipping and Tax Management:- 

Vendors can make their charges for shipping and must be configured all the rules according to admin primary rules.

Configuring vendor’s commissions:- 

Vendors can choose their preferred mode of payment. Accessibility of Ledger book.

5.   WC Vendors Marketplace


Create your multivendor marketplace with WordPress powered by WooCommerce. Build your marketplace just like Amazon, Etsy, eBay or Shopify, Envato quickly. WC Vendors Marketplace is the best way to create your multivendor marketplace and earn a commission from every sale.

Key Features of WC Vendors Marketplace:-

Vendor Stores:- 

  • Sellers get their store and unique URL,
  • Storefronts can be customized through templates,
  • Multiple storefront styles,
  • 10 great pro widgets for storefronts,
  • Vendor store notices to advertise coupons or sales,
  • Vendor vacation mode,
  • Vendor social media profiles,
  • Vendor Store SEO,
  • Store Opening hours

Vendor Dashboard:- 

  • Basic frontend dashboard for sales and orders reports,
  • Vendors can mark orders shipped,
  • WordPress Admin for publishing products,
  • Export orders,
  • Complete frontend dashboard with no WordPress admin access for vendors,
  • Complete product, order, coupon management,
  • Add tracking numbers to orders,
  • Print shipping labels

Earn in multiple ways:- 

  • Percentage based commission split between the admin and the seller,
  • Set commission rates at the product, vendor, or global level,
  • Fixed, fee, tiered commissions based on sales of products, vendor, or price, product category commissions,
  • Sell vendor memberships

Product Management:- 

  • Vendors can manage their products from the WordPress Admin
  • Manage all product types and their options from the frontend dashboard,
  • Manage and create attributes, variations,
  • Manage shipping at the product level,
  • Customers can review products. Vendors cannot modify these reviews,

Vendor Discount Management:-

  •  Vendors can create and manage their coupons,
  • Vendors can set the limits, expiry of coupons

Shipping Management:- 

  • Shipping can be set at the product, vendor, or global level,
  • Vendors can set their shipping policies,
  • Table rate shipping options,
  • Flat rate shipping options


All the above plugins are good. I had listed top 5 multivendor plugins above into their features ranking. I will suggest the Bazaar plugin because this plugin has advanced and updated features which makes it different from another plugin.

And rest it depends upon your choice of selection in top 5 multivendor plugin.

I’m so glad that you had given your precious time to read my blog.

Thank you so much.

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