In this blog we will be discussing top woocommerce plugins for affiliates.

What is WooCommerce?

It is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce is designed for small, medium, and large-sized online merchants using WordPress to handle their entire business.

Here, we will see some top woocommerce plugins for affiliates in wordpress, that are made to assist any business to pursue high profits.

Top Woocommerce plugins for affiliates –

We have list some of most useful and recommended top woocommerce plugins for affiliates. You can check this out on the below page here.

Afiliado -Affiliate partners Prime For WooCommerce


Afiliado-Affiliate Manager Prime for WooCommerce is the modern and most strong renaissance of The CodexInfra Team. By using this plugin you can boost your online store. We have provided advanced features that will increase promoting your product.

Plugin functionalities are simple that enhance you and your affiliates can easily operate the dashboard. This plugin is more comfy plugins than other affiliates plugins.

Analytical & Graphical Representation:- 

Simple graphical representation for visualizing and analyzing the result into the simplest and understandable format.

UNLIMITED MLM level Support:-

Admin can set unlimited MLM levels and also can set different their commission type like Flat, Combined, and Percent.

Dynamic Sales commission approval:- 

Admin has a special type of key feature to set sale commission approval dynamically. Get it now…

Unlimited traffic:- 

Sharing of product promo links via social media platforms creates unlimited traffic that helps to enhance the merchandise.

Social Media Sign-in & Sign-up:- 

This is the key feature that will allow you to get a login and register with a single click with social media like Google, Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. Get it now…

Unlimited sale Commission:- 

All Affiliates will get rewards from different commissions like social media sign-in, link visits, Affiliate’s registration, total sales, product, and category-based.

Payment API Integration:- 

Admin can transfer the withdrawal amount of the affiliate using Paypal & Stripe.

Set minimum withdraw amount:- 

Admin has the ability to set the Minimum withdrawal amount Limits for affiliates. Get it now…

Separate Dashboard for affiliates:- 

Every affiliate has their separate dashboard where he gets lots of functionalities to handle their work smoothly.

Unlimited affiliates:- 

Affiliates can create unlimited affiliates to build their team.

Registration bonus for affiliates:-

Affiliates will get rewards after affiliate successful affiliate signup. Get it now…

Manual Affiliate Verification:-

 Admin will verify all the Affiliates registration requests manually.

Rewards for affiliates:- 

Affiliate’s rewards are based on Becoming affiliate, the Total number of visits and the total number of sales, and more & more Rewards. Get it now…

Affiliate Marketing:- 

Explore your e-commerce business with the help of a power affiliate management system and earn unlimited.

WP Content Pilot — Autoblog & Affiliate Marketing Plugin

WP Content Pilot is the best auto blogging and content curation plugin. It helps you to create high-quality WordPress blog posts and interpose your affiliate link automatically.

The plugin continues to post articles on your site at a predefined interval using your chosen keywords and sources and maintain your website fresh and updated. This plugin also inserts your affiliate links automatically, so you get your all commission from the vendor.

Key Features of WP Content Pilot:-

Content Spinner: 

Integration of spinning software makes it possible to create peerless automatic content.

Template Editor:

 Every Control like how auto-published posts will look using the supported template tags of the module.

Post Categories:

This plugin will automatically insert these categories with newly published posts. Get it now…

Post Tags: 

This plugin will automatically insert these tags with newly published posts.

Post Translation:

Translate an article from any language to your selected language on the fly.

Post Meta:

Make use of post meta to suit best with your theme and 3rd party plugins. Get it now…

Search Replace:

 Run search-replace in the auto-publish post to better control your need.

Automatic Affiliation:

 Automatically insert your affiliate code to boost your affiliate commissions.


Affiliate Power — Sales Tracking for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketing should be easy and effective!

As an affiliate, you may know this: To get an overview of your income, you have to login into x different networks which all have different backends and statistics.

To compare the statistics, you have to export everything, paste it into Excel, convert it, etc. You have better things to do with your time.

That’s what I thought as well and that’s why I made the WordPress Plugin Affiliate Power. This plugin imports your sales of various affiliate networks.

This gives you up to date income reviews and statistics right in your WordPress backend. The basic version is free.

The premium version tracks which post, referer, campaign, and the device has brought the sale. You’ll finally know what pays.

Key Features of Affiliate Power:-

Supported Networks: Accell, Awin, Belboon, commission junction, Financeads, digistore24, TradeDoubler

Filter your import per website. Get it now…

Overview overall sales

Automatic daily information email on new or changed sales

Export all Sales as Excel-CSV

Track income per Pages, Posts, Referer, Keywords URL-Parameters like utm_campaign, and device (mobile or desktop)

Detailed statistics over any period with income per partner, networks, days, weeks, months, posts, landing pages, referer, URL-parameters, and devices.

Goaffpro Affiliate Marketing

Goaffpro is a complete affiliate and effective influencer marketing solution for your store. With Goaffpro, you can set up a custom branded affiliate portal for your Shopify store in just 5 minutes.

Key Features of Goaffpro:-

Customers to Affiliates:-

Make your customer’s voice of your products. Convert your customers into affiliates.

Custom branded affiliate portal:-

 For affiliates to check their earnings, payments, update payment settings, and generate referral links for your products. Get it now…

Per product and affiliate Commission:- 

Setup default commission for the whole site and/or set up different commissions for different products or different affiliates. Exclude all products from the program which have low margins.

Mobile-ready with Android and iOS apps:- 

Tracks affiliate conversions on both mobile and desktop. Admin dashboard and affiliate portal both are mobile optimized. Get it now…

Multiple Tracking Methods:- 

Track affiliate orders through referral links, coupon codes.

Real-time tracking:-

 Instantly updates and notifies you of affiliate orders.

Automatic Coupon codes:- 

Track affiliate orders through custom coupon codes. Coupons are automatically created.

Link Sharing:-

 Affiliates can share their link and the coupon on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as in emails and web pages.


Pay your affiliates via PayPal Payouts (from within the app itself), or any custom payment mode. 

One-click setup:- 

The app comes with sensible defaults. One-click is for all, it takes to launch your customized affiliate program.

Multi-Level Marketing:-

You can have up to 10 levels of affiliates. Set commission for every level. Get it now…


French, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian +10 languages.

Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce | Affiliate Program & Coupon Usage Statistics

Display WooCommerce coupon usage statistics on your website Frontend, and create a coupon based affiliate program. Provide your affiliates with a unique URL, which gives them access to an affiliate dashboard for their coupon.

The plugin also is used for your coupon marketing campaigns to view sales, usage statistics, and more. 

Key Features of Coupon Affiliates:-

Commission Payout Tracking: 

Admins can view requested commission payouts from affiliates, and track/manage pending, complete, and canceled payouts.

Commission Payout Requests:

 Affiliates can request payouts for their pending commission. You can set a payment threshold for the commission, and set a delay before the commission can be claimed. Get it now…

Monthly Summary (1 Year): 

Show a table with a summary of the past 12 months’ orders, and total statistics for that coupon for each month in the past 12 months. Get it now…

Export Summary CSV File: 

Enable a button on coupon pages to export an Excel (CSV) file with a 12 monthly summary of the individual coupon usage statistics for each month.

Assign user accounts to coupons for additional features.

Display a single coupon usage stats directly on a page via shortcode

Automatically display the affiliate dashboard for coupon(s) assigned to the logged-in user.

Set custom commission amount for individual coupons.

Email notifications for affiliates when their coupon code is used.


Afiliado-Affiliate Manager Pro For WooCommerce has proven to be in list of top woocommerce plugins for afiliates as it has a lucrative way to build profits for both brands and publishers as well as affiliates also.

Its amazing features for store owners like Material Dashboard, Graphical Representation, Different Commission Levels, MLM, and Secured Payments gateways are too much beneficial for small and large businesses. So I will suggest to use it once and get an experience now.

Get It’s Free Version Click Here and install the plugin, if you want to get a premium version please contact our sales team via a free link.

I hope this blog helped you in choosing idle top woocommerce plugins for affiliates. If it does then please consider to checkout our social media.

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