Ecommerce websites helped consumers choose and buy any product they want without moving from their place. As of today it is the most required step for customers. Not only for selling and purchasing but the company website today represents the complete business of one’s company.

E-commerce seems to be everywhere these days. You can’t go online without seeing article after article proclaiming that e-commerce is destroying brick and mortar stores. It can be difficult to decipher accurate information from manipulated data being spewed by alarmists on the internet. However, there is some truth to these overly apocalyptic statements. Studies predict that 55% of internet users will be digital buyers by the end of 2017. Not farfetched given how the data has been trending in recent years.

Let’s discuss critically and creatively Why e-Commerce is important:

1. Wide variety of products:-

In small cities or villages, people have to compromise due to the small shops and a limited variety of products and services available locally. Traditional brick and mortar shops and conventional commerce is not able to satisfy customers in terms of variety. Normally people have to visit 5 to 6 shoe stores in 1 market to buy 1 pair of shoes due to size, color, price or design problem, etc

2. Lower Cost than traditional shopping and selling:-

Selling products and services online is less costly than traditional methods. There are various high overhead costs that are included in offline commerce. Recurring expenses such as store management cost, counter cost, inventory cost, security cost, transportation cost, Shop rent, and salary, etc. So the retailers cannot afford to sell the products at a low cost.

3. Less time consuming and faster consumer consumption:-

If we talk about educational eCommerce then it’s really changed the way people consume the products and services. For example, traditionally it takes a minimum of 6 months course offline to learn graphics designing. And people have to visit the study center each day for 2-3 hours for a 6 month period. It’s not providing flexibility, freedom for the learners to choose their own hours, mood and best focused time of the day. 

4. Exciting offers and shopping deals notifications:-

Traditionally people don’t know what’s new (shoes, clothes, cosmetics, electronics) in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, village shops, local markets, or even shopping malls until they don’t visit. Even local retailers don’t know what’s hot in the international market.

5.Gives You Marketing Opportunities 

Your website is one of the best marketing tools your business has, not only can the use of SEO when building your site lead to more chances of your business getting found in search engines, but a huge number of marketing techniques can also work alongside your website, including pay per click advertising, your social media marketing and your email marketing, all of which can include links back to your website.