Here we have listed the 5 steps to be followed by a developer to create an ideal windows application development environment:

1.     Start with a Clean Slate

  • The Windows 10 SDK works best on the Windows 10 operating system
    • A developer can either upgrade the existing Windows operating system to Windows 10 or he can download the Windows 10 ISO and perform a clean install. Sometimes, few problems might occur while upgrading hence downloading the Windows 10 ISO on a clean new disk is the most preferred option
    • One can install the SDK on older versions of Windows, but one should know that not all tools and functionality exists on those platforms

2.     Install Visual Studio 2015 and Enable Developer Mode for Windows 10

  • The next step is to install Visual Studio 2015 on the system. This is the most important step for creating Universal Windows Apps, and one can start simply by selecting the “Blank App” template
    • An error message will be displayed while trying to run this application asking to enable the developer mode
    • It can be enabled by going to “Settings” and selecting Developer Mode, which would then allow you to create your own Windows app

3.     Install the Windows 10 Mobile Emulators

  • It is important that the windows app developer knows how the app will actually appear and function on the phone, or any other Windows device. For this purpose the developer needs to download and install Windows 10 Mobile emulators
    • After installation and restarting Visual Studio, one will be able to see the mobile emulators on their screen
    • Emulators need to have Hyper-V on the system and the Computer BIOS should support hardware-assisted virtualization, SLAT, and hardware-based Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

4.     Deploy the App on a Physical Device Using Windows Insider

  • Once you get hold of supported Windows hardware or a Windows Phone, download the Windows Insider App from the App Store and sign up for the preview
    • After clicking the run button, one needs to allow the installation of apps on the device after which one will be allowed to deploy the Windows Universal App on the phone running on Windows 10

5.     Install Developer Assistant for Visual Studio

As a developer looking to create high-quality Windows apps, you need to download and install the Developer Assistant for Visual Studio which provides three main benefits, including:

  • API Assistant which helps you find code samples for APIs while you are coding in Visual Studio
    • Programming Task Assistant which provides the developer with code samples that span the web and also include samples from Github
  • Compiler Error Assistant which helps developers to resolve various compiler errors